Aquaculture of marine animals for the extraction of compounds with therapeutic activity



Projecto 31-04-01-FEP-308
PROMAR – Eixo 4 – Desenvolvimento Sustentável das Zonas de Pescas
Grupo de Acção Costeira Barlavento do Algarve


Project starts: March, 2015

Type of Action | Diversification and restructuring of economic and social activities.
Typology | Promotion and improvement of occupational skills, adaptability of workers and access to employment, in particular for the benefit of women.
Investment Nature | Structural adaptation, procurement of equipment / reagents and human resources.


Sea4Us is developing products of marine origin of high interest for biomedicine, from specific marine species of the Portuguese coast. For the development of the production of these medicines, there is a pressing need for significant quantities of these species, which is not compatible with sustainable management of the resource in nature. One of the strategies for the production of these therapeutic compounds in a sustainable way is aquaculture of the marine species of interest. This project aims to cultivate these species, while ensuring that their bioactive characteristics are maintained.