Research, development and innovation of novel bioactive substances and chemistries for clinical and scientific needs, turning them into higher value-added products.


Sea4Us aims to be a world-class biotechnology company in the research and development of marine pharmaceutical products.
Developing treatments for diseases without cure from Portuguese marine resources.


Sea4Us was originally created by 7 co-founders inspired by the enormous marine biodiversity of the Atlantic Ocean in Sagres, south of Portugal.
It was in this inspiring place that the Marine Station was born.

Currently, Sagres remains the main site of marine samples collection, whereas pre-clinical development is carried out in Lisbon at the Physiology Lab.

  • 2022
    Second round of med-chem optimisation is done, enabling analgesic Lead selection from 120 analogue candidates.
  • 2021
    Sea4Us has transitioned to a public limited company (SA) legal state. This will provide greater transparency and accountability to our shareholders and stakeholders
  • 2020
    Entry of 3 new partners, that share our mission and values, to bring new treatments for unmet clinical needs.
  • 2019
    Submission of two patents on one of the analgesic molecules and its mode of action
  • 2018
    Certification in Management Systems Research, Development and Innovation according to NP4457:2007, by eiC; Second investment round; Completion of the efficacy and toxicity proof of concept
  • 2017
    Identification of bioactive analgesic molecules and mode of action; Earned 2 stamps of Excellence from the European Commission
  • 2016
    Entry of 10 new partners, that share our vision and have a strong commitment to our company's success.
  • 2014
    Establishment of initial collaborations with NOVA Medical School, Câmara Municipal de vila do Bispo and Universidade do Algarve; Crowdfunding campaign
  • 2013
    Sea4Us incorporation