Development of a new product from biotechnological origin based in marine natural resources to be used to treat chronic pain and pain induced by cancer chemotherapies


Funding Institution | Fundo Azul
Project ID | FA_05_2017_008

Starting Date | 01/09/2019
Ending Date | 31/08/2021
Eligible Value | 232.438€
Approved Fundo Azul | 197.572€

Main Goals and Expected Results | Sea4Us’ proposal accommodates the investment needed to develop a product that solves a global clinical problem through a solution from the Portuguese sea: a potential analgesic compound (S4U) from a marine invertebrate. The project objectives are: 1) to obtain sufficient biological material for the purification procedures; 2) Investigate deeper the analgesic effect of the molecules; 3) to develop and study the central characteristic of such compounds to prevent CIPN; 4) explore the new compound potential as an anticancer agent and identify it’s in vitro ecotoxicology; 5) guarantee the intellectual property of this new molecule and / or the patent for repositioning S4UR1 and S4UR2; and 6) carry out income demonstration activities.

In the last 5 years, Sea4Us has been exploring its library of natural marine compounds from which a new molecule of great analgesic value with an innovative mode of action (S4U) was discovered. This molecule can act on the ion channels responsible for pain modulation. In addition, S4U is very similar to two molecules approved by the FDA and EMA. The main actions of the project are, for the most part, indistinguishable from its objectives; to study the analgesic effects of these compounds in chronic pain, specifically in CIPN, as well as in the anticancer potential of S4U; acquire the intellectual property of S4U and possibly the new application patent for compounds S4UR1 and S4UR2.