New analgesic for treatment of chronic pain with Portuguese sea origin: target validation and compound optimization

Project ID | LISBOA-01-0247-FEDER-045331
Main Goal | Reinforce research, technological development and innovation
Intervention Area | Lisbon
Beneficiary Entity | Sea4Us – Biotecnologia e Recursos Marinhos, Lda.

Approval Date | 04-02-2020
Starting Date | 01-09-2019
Ending Date | 31-08-2021
Total Eligible Cost | 804.478,81€
Financial support from the European Union | 402.239,41€

Expected / Obtained Objectives, Activities and Results | The Mar4Pain2 project arises following the Mar4Pain project, in which a new mode of action was established, involving ion channel modulation, reducing neuronal hyperexcitability and leading to the mitigation of chronic pain. The present project is oriented to the optimization of the therapeutic target (increasing the value and extensions of the mode of action), as well as to the optimization of the chemical and biotechnological production of the compounds.

Mar4Pain2 is structured into the following activities:

  • Validation and optimization of the therapeutic target: more value and extensions of the mode of action;
  • Selection of the optimized compounds and their mode of production to pursuit for market;
  • Scientific management, dissemination, and patents; election of the “premium” products.

The project goals are:

  • Detailed knowledge of the physiological and physiopathological particularities of the neuronal hyperexcitability, in several pain models;
  • Establishment of new animal pain models, not yet available in the laboratory;
  • Optimization of the chemical and biotechnological production of the compounds;
  • Determination of the “premium” analogues-derivatives, and respective medical indication.