COHiTEC Program

During 2013 we were finalists of COHiTEC training program in technology commercialization that supports the valuation of the knowledge produced at Portuguese R&D institutions. Our project was focused in the development of a product for chronic pain treatment.


Our approach to Chronic Pain – Dive into a painless new life

Chronic pain conditions are deep-reaching in terms of their physical, psychological, social and economic consequences. An effective and safe analgesic for moderate to severe chronic pain aims to suppress the hyperexcitability of the pain signaling pathway, prior to the brain.

Sea4Us believes that the best strategy to achieve this goal is to target key ion channels located in neurons from the dorsal root ganglia (DRG), a “switch” to the input of pain to the brain.

The new chemical entities under development at Sea4Us have the potential to be major breakthroughs in pain management due to their novel mode of action, target specificity, effectiveness and predictable lack of noxious side of effects.