Sea4Us Crowdfunding Campaign – Marine Organisms for the Treatment of Chronic Pain

During the last months, Sea4Us has been actively seeking funding and applying to several awards. Although we have already obtained some funds, these are not yet available.

This year’s diving season has already started and it is the optimal time for the collection of samples from marine organisms, but we do not possess the necessary resources to accomplish this task! Please help us fund the sample collection activities and the development of our startup!

For this, we have created a crowdfunding campaign in which you can support us and that is available here:

Marine Organisms for the Treatment of Chronic Pain

Help us make our dream come true and, in return, we will reward you with some pleasant gifts! These include t-shirts, artistic pieces with inspiration from the sea bottom, visits to our laboratory, snorkeling in Sagres and even a dinner with the co-founders/promoters of Sea4Us, in which we will explain our project in detail!


Join us in this quest for a new therapy for chronic pain!