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Ocean Medicines “Kick-Off Meeting” | Silvia Lino and Nuno Leitão

Ocean Medicines Kick Off Meeting

Ocean Medicines is a network of academic, research centres and SMEs across Europe, with proven experience in higher education, training and endowed with state-of-the art scientific and technical expertise and infrastructures.

Its aim is to establish a network of collaboration and knowledge-exchange between industrial and academic partners to further develop lead compounds from marine microorganisms having anticancer or anti-infective effects that have already been identified by the consortium. To achieve this goal a mobility programme was set up to prepare a new generation of marine biodiscovery scientists that will be trained on how to isolate compounds from bioactive bacteria/microalgae and take these through to semi-industrial scale-up for further development and toxicity testing at the pre-clinical level. The Ocean Medicines programme also considers commercialization, innovation and entrepreneurship activities including how to start a new business and how to favour an industrial career to seconded researchers. 

The Ocean Medicine’s kick off meeting was in the past 6th of April, 2016 in Naples, Italy. Sea4Us was represented by one of our scientific researchers, Silvia Lino, and our CFO, Nuno Leitão.