Sea4Us at Euromarine workshop | Silvia Lino and Nuno Leitão

Sea4Us was present at an Euromarine workshop in Naples, Italy, on the 4th and 5th of April, 2016. Euromarine is a network of European partners whose aim is to promote a multidisciplinary approach to the marine sciences. Under the theme Exploitation and legal aspects on marine genetics and chemical resources, the main universities, institutes and companies operating in the sector in Europe were present.

This workshop focused on the exploitation of marine genetic and chemical resources, sustainable production of bioactive compounds from the sea, legal issues on marine resources exploitation and the preclinical testing of bioactive compounds for therapeutic applications. 58 participants from 11 European countries attended, with 28 speakers from 10 different EU countries focusing on exploring bioactive compounds from marine microbial sources as efficient alternative therapies to modern pharmacology. The meeting brought together scientists from a range of backgrounds in order to explore and foresee new scenarios in marine biotechnology, and create new collaborations and funding opportunities in the framework of Horizon 2020.

This initiative will provide possible future pathways for sustainable and effective exploitation of marine genetic resources for human health and well-being. The biological diversity of our Oceans is directly linked to the chemical diversity, and both must be protected in order to keep the environments, the species and the chemicals they contain.

A round table discussion was held for future perspectives and new projects.



Sea4Us was represented by our co-founder and CFO, Nuno Leitão, and by our researcher, Silvia Lino, who made a presentation on the Sea4Us’s research, namely related to the new chronic pain analgesic that is under development at the Sea4Us’s Laboratories.