Sea4Us Interview with Expresso | Portugal 2020

Sea4Us Interview with EXPRESSO | 2020 Programme

Expresso interviewed Sea4Us while covering the stories of 20 companies that received funds from the European Programme 2020 (in our case, Portugal2020). At the time, they interviewed Pedro Lima – Sea4Us CSO -, André Bastos and Joana Serrão – two of Sea4Us scientific researchers.

Those who suffer from chronic pain know the extent of the ordeal in which they live. But the answer may lie in the sea. More specifically on the Portuguese coast. Sea4us, a biotechnology company created in 2013, is developing a new painkiller for the treatment of chronic pain using active ingredients for drugs from marine organisms of the portuguese coastline. It is the wealth of the sea, still poorly explored, that guides the company in the identification and selection of marine specimens with potential, within an enormous biodiversity. Pedro Lima, one of the company’s researchers, says the team spends “many hours with bottles, often just watching marine life. And this is always the first step.”

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